Airport Musings 101

Guest Post by Molly Cheney

Thoughts from my last trip through the airport:

1. I love when they have dogs at TSA checkpoints. They are damn fine specimens and amazingly bright. And you don’t have to take anything out of your bags. Plus, I trust dogs more than people with my safety.


2. I feel validated for shutting down the dude trying to break airplane disembarking protocol. We all have connections to make and we all want to get to customs first. Slow your roll.


3. The family traveling with five kids, a set of twins under 2, and two others under six, with a pregnant mother worked like a fine oiled machine. Props to that fam.


4. A flight leaving Bogota to the states should be required to have at least one Spanish speaking employee on board. American Airlines should have put me on the payroll for translating and should be ashamed.


5. Airplane food is horrible.


6. A cup of coffee after a redeye is glorious.


7. Helping a mother get a wheelchair for her young son with no legs is one of the classiest and kindest things I’ve done in a good while.



8. Miss the fam in Bogota already, but super happy to be home.





Molly Cheney is a university teacher, traveler, and poet from Seattle,Washington.

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