Submission Guidelines

I would like to dedicate this website to posts about travel that are focused on traveling with your heart and mind open to new cultures and languages and visions of the world.

Portraits: These are posts about people you meet along the way. Faces and stories from around the globe. Submit a photo, painting, or drawing, and tell us about your portrait in 250 words.

Stranger Than Fiction: These are the travel stories that could be movies in which you are the star. Those strange and perfect moments in time and space that change us forever. 500 to 1000 words.

A Picture Worth 500 Words: These articles tell a travel story with an image and 500 words (for a total of 1000 words).

Photo Essays: This is a montage of photos that tell a story. No words necessary, just a title.

Please send your story ideas to Mary Kay Seales at Include the type of story – Portraits, Stranger Than Fiction,Photo Essay, or A Picture Worth 500 Words – in your subject line. Add a short bio with a link to your site.

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