About Mary Kay

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My name is Mary Kay Seales, and I’m a photographer, writer, teacher and lifelong traveler from Seattle, Washington, born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but always longing to hop on a plane and recapture that amazing high that comes with traveling.

I’ve lived and worked in many wonderful places – the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, France, Costa Rica, India and Azerbaijan.

My other travel destinations include Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, and Chile, Bora Bora, Uganda, the Middle East, Thailand, Sri Lanka and more, and I hope to keep adding new places as long as there’s breath left in me and two legs to carry me there.

I’m the author of two travel books, one on the French Riviera and the other on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. You can find more information about these on my author page at Amazon.com.

For professional copywriting services, please visit my website: https://www.marykayseales.com

Finally, I would like to welcome travel writers and photographers to contribute to this site. We would love to hear your stories! Click on the link to Submission Guidelines above for details.

Power to the Journey!

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