East of the Mountains: Part I

By Mary Kay Seales

Rivers, Lakes, Pine Trees, & Critters

It takes only two hours to go from skyscrapers in Seattle to apple orchards and horses in Eastern Washington, driving through one of the passes in the Cascade Mountains.

Blewett Pass, Snoqualamie Pass, or Highway 2, whichever route you choose, it’s a beautiful, quiet  drive, with time to transition from city to farmlands.

All my life we called it “East of the Mountains,” not to be confused with “Back East,” and I never once stopped to consider how very romantic that sounds.

East of the Mountains.

Like the great beyond, a mystery, heaven perhaps.

And in many ways, it is heaven.

Fresh air, ice cold rivers running with salmon, and mosaic barked trees, it’s a sensual landscape at every turn.

You can hike, fish, river raft, and swim (if you dare). You can ride a horse, pet a goat, and photograph deer outside your cabin.

Spring is coming and critters are waking up from their winter sleep, as are we. If you live in Seattle and haven’t been East of the Mountains, it’s time for a drive.

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