Ask, Wave, Knock and Doors Will Be Opened

Guest Post by Peter Klika Ask About the Culture When traveling, I try to ask questions about the local culture: What is a typical wedding ceremony like? What special dishes are prepared during local holidays? These type of questions are more likely to be appreciated than the more mundane (but totally legitimate) questions like: "Where's… Continue reading Ask, Wave, Knock and Doors Will Be Opened

In Homage to Palm Trees

By Mary Kay Seales Grace and poise, ballet in nature, bringing to mind islands and seas, sun and sand. Fresh green, covered with sun diamonds in the rain. Swaying, carefree, like an Ipanema girl, like a guileless beauty standing at the shoreline, eyes gazing outward, thinking...what? Stories of travelers, seamen, mermaids and gyres?   I… Continue reading In Homage to Palm Trees

Marina Beach on the Bay of Bengal: Horseback Rides, Freshly Roasted Corn on the Cob & Kalashnikovs

By Mary Kay Seales "In 2015 Chennai was named the "hottest" city (worth visiting, and worth living in for long term) by the BBC, citing the mixture of both modern and traditional values." What were they thinking?  I don't like to diss any place that is not my home because I am a visitor. How… Continue reading Marina Beach on the Bay of Bengal: Horseback Rides, Freshly Roasted Corn on the Cob & Kalashnikovs

Choose your cave wisely

Guest blog post from  LJUBICICAMESOZDERKA

Here’s something new for the climbers out there! Stark beauty, ice blue, bold spirit!

Winter time brings Iceland to my mind. I’ve been writing about remarkable ice caves in Iceland. Since then, I’ve discovered there is a new sport perfectly suited for these caves – ice climbing. It requires strength and technique of a sport climber, but it is performed on ice with an ice axe and crampons.

I’ve visited glacier and it is a stunning place. Even on a perfect day, it is still dangerous. It is not recommended to go of track at any point since you can not know where ice and snow is sleekly and if it is going to collapse. On a perfect day, with no desire to get in trouble, it is still necessary to wear belt and ice axe and, of course, crampons because without them there is no way anyone can walk on glacier safely.

Now imagine you are going to enter the ice cave and…

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