East of the Mountains: Part I

By Mary Kay Seales Rivers, Lakes, Pine Trees, & Critters It takes only two hours to go from skyscrapers in Seattle to apple orchards and horses in Eastern Washington, driving through one of the passes in the Cascade Mountains. Blewett Pass, Snoqualamie Pass, or Highway 2, whichever route you choose, it's a beautiful, quiet  drive, with time… Continue reading East of the Mountains: Part I

5 Must-Haves for Solo Women Travelers

by Mary Kay Seales I honestly think the best thing a woman can do for her self-confidence is to travel alone. Depending on yourself for survival and being your own best friend, especially in places outside your comfort zone (read: other countries) WILL make you grow some serious cahones. Besides the usual things to take along… Continue reading 5 Must-Haves for Solo Women Travelers

10 Reasons to Visit Paris in the Summer: Why Not Make that THIS Summer, 2018?

by Mary Kay Seales Honestly, though, do you really need a reason to visit Paris? The City of Light, Romance, Art and Culture? But if you hesitate about visiting Paris in the Summer months because you think it will be too crowded, too hot, too something. Think again! Here are at least ten reasons why… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Visit Paris in the Summer: Why Not Make that THIS Summer, 2018?