In Homage to Palm Trees

By Mary Kay Seales Grace and poise, ballet in nature, bringing to mind islands and seas, sun and sand. Fresh green, covered with sun diamonds in the rain. Swaying, carefree, like an Ipanema girl, like a guileless beauty standing at the shoreline, eyes gazing outward, thinking...what? Stories of travelers, seamen, mermaids and gyres?   I… Continue reading In Homage to Palm Trees

Camino de Santiago: Walking the Pilgrim Trail

Guest Post by Peter Klika "The "Peregrinos" (pilgrims) come from all over the globe. Some walk for religious reasons, some for self reflection, and some for the challenge. It's not important why you walk, only that you keep your heart and eyes open all the way." I'm on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, a… Continue reading Camino de Santiago: Walking the Pilgrim Trail