Pay With a Smile

Guest Post by Peter Klika

This Nepali gentleman was singing a beautiful tune on his handmade fiddle while our rickety bus was stopped halfway to Kathmandu. I tried to respectfully slip 20 rupees in his pocket, but he gently refused.

A Nepali passenger took me aside: “He like sing. You pay with smile.”

So I paid with a smile.

Take away?

It’s easy to get cynical about people constantly asking for money when you’re traveling.

But not everybody wants your money, and sometimes a smile is more than enough.

For Further Reading:

“Searching for Shangri-La” by Melinda Liu, an article about Peter Klika’s joint expedition in search of the “real” Shangdi-La.

Lost Horizon by James Hilton. “[A] magical and well-loved classic. Following a plane crash, Conway, a British consul; his deputy; a missionary; and an American financier find themselves in the enigmatic snow-capped mountains of uncharted Tibet. Here they discover a seemingly perfect hidden community where they are welcomed with gracious hospitality. Intrigued by its mystery, the travelers set about discovering the secret hidden at the shimmering heart of Shangri-La.”

About The Author:
Peter Klika is rewired (not retired) after careers as an inventor, attorney, college professor, shipyard worker and more. He prefers to travel off the beaten path and has sailed around the world, hitchhiked from Kolkata to Paris, and walked solo across Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. He is currently in a small fishing village in Bali plotting his next escapade.

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